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CPUC Extends Eligibility for Time of Use Periods for School Districts

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) recently announced that it would give public school districts and local governments a chance to "grandfather" current  "time of use" periods for 10 years if: 

1) Districts file "interconnection applications" for solar projects before December 26, 2017, and

2) Districts build those solar projects within 2 years from the approval of the interconnection application. 

The current time of use periods are from noon to 6 p.m. when the value of the electricity produced by solar arrays is most valuable (On-Peak). The new time of use periods will shift the On-Peak hours to 3 pm to 9 p.m. - reducing the overall value of the electricity produced by solar by approximately 20-40%. 

Completing an interconnection application does not commit the District to building the solar projects, but does ensure current time of use periods (for 10 years) for projects you have in mind or in the pipeline. 

You will probably need to hire a solar procurement consultant to complete the applications for you. The consultant will need electricity consumption data for the largest meter at each site so that the consultant can complete a feasibility analysis that includes:

  • Solar array layouts

  • Single line diagrams

  • Type of equipment (panels, inverters, etc.)

 KyotoUSA is unable to complete interconnection applications, but we do have a list of consultants with whom we have worked in the past who we can highly recommend.

 You will find a list of solar procurement consultants here who you may wish to engage.