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BAAQMD funds Solar Master Plans for Bay Area public schools

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) is charged with reducing pollution - including carbon dioxide - from stationary sources like refineries, factories, buildings (including schools), and homes (wood smoke). The BAAQMD is the primary local government agency charged with keeping the air breathable for everyone in the Bay Area.

While schools do not seem like a likely "hot spot" for pollution, they do consume very large amounts of electricity, much of which is produced by natural gas - a fossil fuel responsible for producing carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxides, and particulate matter. All of these pollutants have a negative impact on air quality and climate change.

The BAAQMD has contracted with KyotoUSA so that we can assist school districts in determining whether solar projects make sense for them. We provide unbiased information about how solar projects work, provide an initial assessment of where solar may be sited, and provide an initial analysis of the electricity production, savings, system cost, and availability of financing. We can also set up an ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager account for your district so that you can better manage your energy consumption and cost.